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Total Electronic continually strives to enhance and develop its core products, and as part of our ongoing commitment to this, we offer a design service whereby we’ll work with your company to custom design any of our standard products.

We can develop a project from initial concept and discussion, through prototyping and software debugging, onto the final product design and build.  We are ROHS compliant and aware of the WEEE directive regarding disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Some recent examples of enhanced products and bespoke on-offs we have undertaken for existing customers include:

  • temperature controlled chamber with user adjustable time duration for Oxford University
  • wireless disabled door call system for the CO-OP
  • wireless systems typically used in an executive dining room for waiter call
  • an HPLC detector switch box for GlaxoSmithKline
  • a hydrogen gas alarm for GlaxoSmithKline
  • decorative novel timing and clock features for Brookbrae Ltd (
  • Master clock with GPS synchronisation

Most of the above products use Microchip PIC microcontrollers as the electronic control, and we carry a library of software routines for these PIC microcontrollers, which can often be pasted into a new design with only minor changes.

Circuit Boards

In addition to microcontrollers, we undertake printed circuit board design and have a number of ‘stock’ boards that were specifically designed for a purpose but always with the thought of future modifications or additions.  These stock boards include:

  • power supply boards
  • LCD display drive boards
  • motor speed control boards
  • PCBs designed for multiple I/O flexibility for a PIC controller

Complete solutions for stepper motor speed control and positional control, temperature control, timing functions, counting and batch control. If you need a set of traffic lights we can build one.

A combination of a PIC microcontroller and supporting components, a specific printed circuit board and either a stock box or specifically designed enclosure (coop call system) can provide a prototype or a production product.

EMC testing and CE marking can also be provided.

For more information on our design service, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us

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