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EEC Law ( says that employers and providers of goods, facilities, and services must conform to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) by October 2004.

This means that you have to provide equal access to disabled customers.
We manufacture call and signalling systems for safety and security and now present a new cost effective deployment for easy conformity to the new (DDA) regulation.

We have designed and built this novel door access system for the CO OP and can do the same for you. Our design can be adapted by simply changing the lexan front panel label, changing the box to a different corporate colour or by redesigning the enclosure shape to suit other requirements. The control box is microcontroller based and gives flexibility and choice of operation.

'Plug and play' wireless technology means simply that, plug the control box into a mains supply and the system works. The UHF radio door switch is powered by a lithium camera battery with an expected life of 3 years.

Purpose Built GRP enclosure for internal or external use
Designed for precise fit into customers standard door surround
Inset Label is reverse printed and semi rigid. It will not scratch
Tamperproof screws prevent attack or vandalism

Transmission range 100 metres and the secure code is not susceptible to interference from other radio systems.

The control box is fitted with a mains switch a cancel function and a loudspeaker with chosen call tones. When a call is made, the cancel switch lights and should be pressed to accept the call (if the unit is left on at night and triggered by a passing prankster it will reset automatically after a preset time). Other functions are programmable.

We also manufacture disabled toilet alarms


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