Disabled Toilet Alarms


Our DT1 alarm system is very cost effective with a host of features.

  • Now with additional output for repeater panels or group lamps
  • Also with a separate set of volt-free contacts for remote signalling (BMS)
  • Easier to connect with full wiring instructions included

A typical system will include:

A power supply

A ceiling pull switch

An overdoor lamp / sounder

A cancel pate


Any number of repeater lamps, call switches or cancel units can be combined to create a system to suit all projects and areas.

Repeater panels can be built for any size project, they can be flush/surface finish, engraved or not, and in any size and shape and panel to give best readability in its chosen environment. A typical 3 way repeater panel as shown can add as little as £40 to the cost.

Can be supplied in White plastic or brushed stainless steel with a next day delivery. Other finish panels can be supplied to suit surrounding architecture.

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