Intelligent Microcontrollers


Many of our signaling and call systems are hosted by a  microcontroller. These low cost devices give a versatility and flexibility previously unobtainable with analogue electronics. We maintain a library of software routines which can be simply pasted into a design with usually a few simple code modifications. This simplifies the design process and keeps the cost down. We use a selection of languages to best suit the application, however as most of our control systems utilize a degree of feedback on single or multiply inputs our preferred choice for individual I/O control is assembler. 

This microcontroller technology is used as a part of the process for many other applications and these tend to be more cost effective than PLCs.

Measurement and control 

Sequential or process control
  • temperature
  • speed
  • time
  • light
  • position
  • power
  • strain
  • lighting
  • repetitive cycles
  • heating
  • cooling

  Some of our recent novel measurement / control systems include;

  • Public House cellar alarm
  • Decorative and informative  clock and timing features
  • Bespoke nurse call systems
  • People counters and  queue control
  • Butler and waiter call,  wireless call
  • Attack alarms and other  warning alarms
Special Projects
Intelligent Microcontrollers
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