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The current examples above show an HPLC solvent recycler. This was designed and built to recover solvents used in a particular analytical method so the solvent (usually Acetonitrile) can be reused. These are now being used on sites in Poland, Romania, Canada, USA and here in the UK. At a selling price of £230 it is £1,100 less than the market leader version

The second picture shows our version 2 detector switch box. To get the best signal to noise ratio with current sensitive fluorescence detectors, our original switch box designed in 2003 was improved and enhanced to enable better interpretation of chromatographic data. 44 of these have recently been supplied to a major Biotech Company in Hertfordshire. THEY WERE DESIGNED, BUILT AND SUPPLIED WITHIN 1 MONTH FROM CONCEPT.


We use Microchip PIC microcontrollers as the electronic control. We carry a library of software routines for these PICmicrocontrollers which can often be pasted into a new design with only minor changes.

We undertake printed circuit board design and have a number of 'stock' boards that were specifically designed for a purpose but always with the thought of future possibilities and additions.

We have power supply boards,LCD Display boards, motor speed control boards and PCBs designed for multiple I/O flexibility for a range of PIC microcontrollers.

A combination of PIC Microcontroller and supporting software and components, a specific printed circuit board (PCB) or a predesigned 'stock board' and a suitable enclosure can provide a prototype or production item at very cometetive prices.






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