Novel Call Systems


We are asked for many variations on a theme and although they are all designed for a specific application, the functionality is often the same as an existing design. If the software has already been written, the costs are kept low.

  • Waiter / Butler call
  • Wireless/ hands free call
  • Disabled call with low pressure call switches
  • Courtroom usher call
  • Courtroom status indication
  • Attack alarm for public interview areas
  • Nurse / Doctor attack alarms
  • Paging alarms
  • Temperature indication and alarm
  • High humidity alarm
  • Entrance call and indicators
  • Cellar door alarm
  • Doctor surgery patient call
  • Queue control
  • Nurse call and emergency call
  • Drugs cupboard alarms

The application is only limited by the imagination

Disabled Toilet Alarms
Disabled Call
Nurse Call
Panic Alarm
Surgery Call
Novel Call Systems
Wireless Call
Wiring Schematic

Novel Call Systems

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