Special Projects


We are involved in many "one off" special projects where experience and commitment allow us to fit a solution to a unique project. some of the more recent projects include.

Lighting control  
A typical example of a decorative outdoor lighting effect that can be programmed to a dimmed light level from dusk to dawn but to fully illuminate in predetermined order and time duration when triggered by a photo electric beam (not activated by animals) This can be programmed for direction of travel and expected route.
Clock and timing features  
we have been involved with a variety of novel and innovative feature clocks including water clocks, mystery clocks, projected clocks, outdoor floral clocks, tower clocks  and time activated decorative features. go to Brookbrae for further information on these features.
Sequential Control  
process control is generally a set of actions progressed over a period of time. these actions can be modified by situations or conditions encountered during the process (feedback control) or can be a simple set of instructions to give a known target or result.
Automated decorative features  
often designed for a shopping mall or headquarters building where a high profile and exciting visual effect is required and where with a combination of water, lighting, lasers and sound can produce stunning effect. go to Brookbrae for further information on these features click here for link.
Special Projects
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